The book


Orniat Services, which had been a longtime dream, became a reality through a Limited Liability Company with a share capital of 5,000 Euros.

Orniat is an acronym made of the second and the third letters of wORld « The mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms), uNIverse « All existing matter and space considered as a whole » and wATer « Being everywhere in the Universe ».

Its logo shows shows the planet Earth, along with a yew. At the forefront, a human being doing a complete analysis :

  • Of himself,
  • The life in general,
  • His life in particular,
  • And his environment.

The foundation, where the name of the company is carved, is immersed in water, the key element of everything.

Orniat Services is set up at a former farm, surrounded by a verdant space, at a crossroad that was once, long ago, one of the biggest in Europe. This crossroad, named Aire sur la Lys was chosen a long time ago to be the regional capital of the Pas-de-Calais, but the famous Robespierre, native of Arras, chose his own city instead.

Orniat Services is :

  • A Lighthouse in perpetual motion,
  • Yesterday, « Cher Yémen… Je m’en vais » (French version) and today « Yemen… I’m out of here » (English version),
  • To go on / increase actions until seeing the Peace back in Yemen,
  • Other projects fully detailed on the tab Hypnosis…